Traveling “paleo” way

Hello, after a long time. I need to say I didn’t plan to be gone. It kind of happened. Well, as you might know, blogging is my hobby as I am a full-time designer. I did cook and bake, trust me. :) Of course I have to eat. But it’s so many steps before posts are ready to be posted… I love making my own photos and I am very eager to have beautiful photos calling, “Eat me! Eat me!” :)

Today I want to speak about traveling and eating paleo food. I was in Canada and the US recently and tried to eat “clean”. It was actually easy. I basically ate all the right foods and didn’t have any problems at all. I was running in the morning and I was feeling pretty much as I do at home. It is much easier to order paleo food there than in Europe. Service there is different. Waiters want to make you happy, since they have to earn tips. You can make any adjustments you want with every meal. Of course I didn’t go to fast food restaurant; but family friendly restaurants had plenty of options for good meals. I was also very surprised at how many organic restaurants there are in Canada. You can order antibiotic-free and organic meat on every corner. No gravies and no added sugar is always an option, so I felt great. I even found the perfect paleo cocktail, called Caesar. It contains all the healthy vegetables and vodka. Well, I will definitely make it at home also.

So bottom line – if you want to live a healthy, paleo life, you can do that anywhere in the world. Even when traveling. Stay focused and learn all about the ingredients. Learn how to read and to ask what certain meals contain. It’s easy once you learn and get used to. There is no next time when we are talking about our health – lives. It’s always a priority. You can see some choices I made while cruising around the city of Toronto (even street food). :)