6 steps to feeling better

Due to so many questions from some of you; I decided to make a summary from my book Eating to Thrive.

First, please, listen to your body. It will always tell you what suits you and what type of food doesn’t. These are the basics the will most certainly change the quality of your life if you decide to take them into account. It’s not easy to break the habits, but once you do, life gets better. The fact is that sugar makes us addicted. So when you stop eating sugar, at first your body will protest, and the feeling will not be pleasant. But when you do manage to pass this period, your mind will be clearer and body fresher, you will be able to perform better. This is the basis of everything. If you don’t change anything else, just try to cut the sugar.

If you do want to follow the basic rules to feel better, this is the summary:

  • don’t eat meat and raw veggies after 4 p.m.
  • chew your food until it becomes liquid
  • take your time to eat your meal. Don’t do it ‘on the way’
  • enjoy your food
  • don’t eat before going to bed in the evening
  • drink enough of water during the day, but don’t drink half an hour before your next meal and an hour after

If you follow this few rules, you will see the pleasant results. It’s important to be mindful. Be aware of the good things you are eating and enjoy that fact. Being aware of the moment is a huge part of quality life.