First fresh – rolled cake named ‘potica’

I feel very special at this point. It was a long journey from when I started eating paleo and struggled with what to eat, what type of food to mix to get best results at sport, etc. till today – that I am writing my first post, because I want to share all my knowledge with you guys.

If you ask me a simple question Why? I only have one answer. I feel great. This year I am turning 40 and my body is in excelent shape. I never felt better. All my health problems, I was dealing with in my youth are gone and I belive that everyone should feel as I do now. This is a reason that I want to share my path and knowledge with you. If you are reading this blog, you are already half way to your better, healthy life. This already is incredible.

Maybe you don’t even know that you could feel so much better; with no lack of energy and you need to try a tree week testing time with no grains and no sugar, to see how you perform then. If so, my blog will help you eat delicious meals and build your healthier version of yourself.

I was always hedonist and food was one of the pleasures that I enjoy most. You can imagine any kind of restricting diet is not an option for me.

I belive that paleo ingreediants gives us a lot of oportunities to eat diverse and delicious food and not miss those non paleo substannces at all. I belive that now my food is even more tastefull, diverse and nutritious. This is the reason, I want to show people, that living paleo doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself and feel depriviligated, but you can fully enjoy life and all it has to offer and feel absoutely fantastic.

I live paleo way for more than a year now and the path was extreemly interesting. Since I alwas loved to cook, I decided to make most of the recipes I ate before – paleo way. It took a lot of time to adjust all the ingreediants to make it paleo, so meals taste fantastic and look great. Now all that knowledge I am giving you, to try my end result and start your journey easier. Since I enjoy making new recipes and if you want some of your best recipes to be transformed to paleo, let me know on facebook and I will start to explore the possibilities.

But let’s start at the beginning.

It was Easter almost two years ago, when all my familly started to cook for Easter breakfast. There is ham, and hard boiled aggs and horseradish and potica – kind of rolled cake – traditional slovene food. But it is made with wheat and lot’s of sugar. So at that point I came to an idea, I should make my version of it. I knew it won’t be easy since potica needs raising and rolling, which are possible with gluten in grains, so I thought that I should just think outside the box. Well, first 15 attempts came out catastrofic. It took me few monts of persistancy to make a ‘potica’ that tastes fantastic and looks also kind of similar. Here is a result. I hope you will enjoy it as much as my family does.

Traditional slovene rolled cake named ‘Potica’

My potica looks similar and also tastes fantastic, but you will make it totally different than regular potica.

It will not rise and it will require other ingredients but it will taste great. I promise.


Recipe for First fresh – rolled cake named ‘potica’

  • (for the base) 1 cup of almond flour
  • (for the base) 1 cup of walnut flour
  • (for the base) 1 cup of ghee (melted)
  • (for the base) 2 tblsp of coconut sugar
  • (for the base) 1 bean of vanilla
  • (for the base) 2 eggs
  • (for the base) lemon zest of half organic lemon (just for fresh taste)
  • (for the base) ½ tsp of baking soda
  • (for the spread) 1 cup of organic curd
  • (for the spread) 1 cup of sour cream
  • (for the spread) 2 tblsp of honey
  • (for the spread) 1 tsp of lemon juice
  • (for the spread) 5 tblsp of coconut sugar
  • (for the spread) 1 cup of ground poppy seeds
  • (for the spread) ½ cup of walnut flour
  • (for the spread) 2 eggs

For the base – mix all the ingredients together, wrap it in foil and put it to fridge just until it is a bit less soft – but not hard. Otherwise you will not be able to roll it.

When the base is cooling, we can prepare all the ingredients to spread. Don’t complicate this too much. You can put them all together and mix them all together.

When the batter is cooled, roll it on a transparent foil to about 1/2 centimeter thick and make sure it mostly square. Then take your other part and spread it all over, but leave 5 centimeters at the end free. This way, when you will roll it all together, the filling will not go out. Put that in a baking dish and in the fridge for about half an hour. This will ensure the ghee will bake while it’s hard and it will make nice crust.


  • No grains
    no grains
  • No sugar
    no sugar