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Egg bomb


We always think of breakfast when we think of eggs. This thought is not really logical though, because eggs are such a versatile food. We use them in baking, frying, etc. in all meals. Eggs are a perfect food. They contain so many nutrients (if they are organic). You could survive just by eating eggs. Few years ago they were labeled as unhealthy and were blamed for high cholesterol level and therefore cardiovascular diseases. Later, when more research was performed, it was found out that eggs are not guilty of what they’ve been accused of. If you like eggs, eat them. Even if you don’t, eat them :)

You can prepare eggs in numerous ways, but I like them best scrambled with herbs. They are super tender and creamy if prepared like this:


Protein bomb


After training hard or just for a nice evening snack, these are amazing. I call them bombs because I add maca and some other superfoods to give you a boost. It’s great to have something ‘clean’ in your fridge to nibble when you have the urge to snack. 😉

I love to serve them when I have people over for lunch or dinner. After the meal, I love to put something on the table and nibble while talking and having fun. You can really mix in whatever you like, but my favourite are these.

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