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Paleo, low carb lasagna


Hello Italian days. Besides the fact that Italy is our neighbour country, I just looove Italian food, which is mostly based on pasta. But hey, we can do all sorts of modifications and make our favourite Italian dishes in a low carb way. I love gnocchi and spaghetti. I also absolutely adore lasagna and cannelloni. I will post all of my favourite versions, starting with lasagna.

This delicious dish is based on pasta sheets, and this is actually the main and only thing we need to replace. Well, of course you need to check your tomato sauce. They usually contain lots of sugars. We already discussed why, right? Maybe the best way is to make your own. I found one in a regular store that didn’t contain any added sugars. Some sugar is already in tomatoes, so no need to worry about that. There are different types of sugars and when you are buying your food (especially not raw), make sure there are no added sugars.

So you have some different possibilities to replace the pasta sheets with zucchini slices, eggplant (my favourite) or cabbage leaves.

I’ll give you the recipe for my favourite – eggplant pasta sheets.

Peanut, chocolate, cheescake


This recipe should be committed to memory for the times when the weather is bad outside, someone breaks your heart, or when you want to just eat something light but full of taste that covers all the taste buds. This cheesecake is rich, salty, gooey, sweet, light, fresh, all at the same time. It has all the flavors in one bite, and you need to try it. You can make it paleo or LCHF version, depending on the type of sweetener you use. I like making it with Sukrin, which is zero carb sweetener and LCHF ready. But you can also use coconut sugar for a more paleo version of cheescake.

Now if you don’t like your guests, don’t serve them this cake. Because they will be back for more, I assure you :)



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