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Crustless veggie quiche


I would like to touch on a subject that probably interests you a lot – especially women.

Why do we gain weight so fast when we are over thirty-five? Well, the problem is quite complicated. It’s a combination of many things – hormones, genetics, sedentary or non-sedentary work, food, sleep, meditation, self-care… It’s a very complex situation and I will give you some pointers on how to beat your genetic predispositions and trick your body into thinking it’s younger and needs more calories to burn.

Again, this is very complex theme and just few changes in your life can not solve the situation, but it can change a lot. So let’s get started.

Today, I would like to talk about our relationship to food. How do we eat food? In my book EATING TO THRIVEI talk a lot about mindfulness and meditation, about our subconscious drive to eat certain food, just because we think we need them. Or we even don’t think any more. We have a pattern – usually with snacks.

In the afternoon, when we come home from work, we want to relax. So we take a glass of wine andante to eat just a couple of bites of those crunchy chips. That first bite is so satisfying and tasteful. But then, all the other movements of our hand, going from a pack of chips toward, our mouth are pretty much automatic. A few minutes later we realise we ate the entire package of chips, not even knowing when and without enjoying the taste… Sound familiar?

It all starts with recognising the first impulse – thinking that snacking will fill all the missing emotional gaps in our lives. It won’t. And believe me, a few weeks of mindful approach to this problem will take you out of this loop, and your tool for relaxing after work can become something more healthy – let’s say yoga. Practice mindfulness and try to stay in tune with your thinking and emotions. Don’t reject them. Accept all your cravings and gently let them go by focusing on breathing. Try to tranfser your focus from snacking to something else, like for instance a walk or a yoga session.

Before each meal or snack, first focus on your breath. Just follow your breathing and think about your food. What does it look like, how does it smell, how do you think it tastes… Think about nutrients the food you are about to eat will provide to your body and breathe. A lot of times, especially when you are about to eat snack, you will realise you are neither hungry nor is your body in a need of any snack at all. Be mindful and try to really see what you are doing.

I’ll be talking a lot more about mindfulness and meditation on one of my following blog posts and you can check it out then.

If you still need extra fuel in the afternoon, I would suggest something that is not snack. Make yourself a proper meal and then maybe don’t anything in the evening and have intermittent fasting day/s. They are a good idea also in our wide theme of teaching our body how to burn more calories. We will also talk more about this in one of the following blog posts. Fasting is in human genes. We are built too fast. Not so long ago, people were forced to fast when there was no food at times, and our bodies are made the way. They sore fat for fasting times. If we look at our lives, we would not need body fat at all, we have food at every step.

One more way to be mindful at eating is a process of preparing food. If you put all your love and care to preparing the meal you are about to eat, you will most likely be mindful when you begin to eat it. You will stop and focus on the taste, smell, and appearance. You will appreciate your work. So let’s make something tasteful and still easy today.

My French moments… I still remember back in the days when I didn’t know I was gluten intolerant. Every time I went to Paris I ate those long, roasted sandwiches, Quiche Loraine or the one with vegetables and crepes. That’s easy and simple French street food for those busy days when you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a long meal. Quiche was my favourite. Vegetable version gave me all I needed at the time. My daily dose of vegetables, great taste and energy to run errands.

It’s only logical, I wanted to make a low carb version. The problem is crust, so I figured out. I would just leave the crust and focus on the filling. I did the quiche with almond flour crust, but honestly crustless quiche is much more easy to make and so good. Here is the outcome…


Eggs and zucchini on a date


Hello y’all,

It has been a long time, since my last upload. Right? Did you miss me? I was cooking, working and doing all I need to keep my life interesting, healthy and vibrant. Yoga, meditation, eating healthy and… well, you know all those things we all know we need to do in order to feel better. Right?

It’s just a question of how to start doing what’s good for you and not only what feels good at the moment. Those things are usually not good for us. But once you start loving yourself and being gentle with yourself, things start to become much easier.

I decided I would help everyone who wishes to change their life for the better with simple steps that originate from very simple, mindfulness based techniques.

Most of you know I live in Slovenia, and if you live in a big city, your life is quite different from mine. So sometimes, when you’ll see a photo of me in nature with my dogs, maybe you won’t be able to relate, but hey… what counts is your intention to feel better. From now on, my posts will also be in Slovene language and a lot of you will be able to feel more domestic with all I have to say; so be sure to keep following me and my ‘online family’, that’s starting to develop right now. :)

This morning I was thinking about eggs and the options they give us to feed our body and soul. The fact that organic eggs contains everything our body needs is amazing. Don’t you think? I am thrilled with the fact that organic eggs are within my reach. My neighbour has chicks that you actually see when you come pick up the eggs – still warm sometimes. They are that fresh :)

So I collected some simple and delicious recipes that don’t take much time. You know, when you come home from work and you have tons of work left to do and you just have one zucchini in your fridge or fennel or something that you wouldn’t normally  think of having as a main ingredient for your lunch. But with some butter or olive oil and herbs, eggs and some optional grated cheese become a decent, legit lunch. That’s the goal right? Healthy, fast and delicious. This is what we crave.

Did you hear the story about the guy who was over ninety years old, totally healthy and eating only eggs since his wife died because he didn’t know how to cook anything else? Well now you did and if you don’t have anything else at home, be sure you always have some eggs – the most perfect food ever.


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