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Eggs on Asparagus Bed

Eggs on asparagus bed

I love waking up to a delicious breakfast. It’s even better if it can be prepared really fast.
Green asparagus are healthy, and they clean our bodies really well, so we feel fresh the whole day. Eggs give us the nutrients we need to meet all our daily tasks, so the combination is an ideal for breakfast for everyone.

Apple Coconut Pie

Apple Coconut Pie

It is fall and all my neighbors are so sweet to let me pick apples from their backyards. Organic apples — they sometimes have worms in them and half of them are always brown or rotten, but they taste fantastic. Because there are so many, I had to find a way to get them into a recipe. My husband was always crazy about apple pies, but I had to adjust the recipe to paleo. It’s super easy — actually even easier than the regular pie. We ate so many, I added some coconut to alter the taste a bit and make something new for a change.

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