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No guilt Chocolate


Evenings are just not the same without chocolate. Raise your hand if you agree :) Chocolate and herbal tea. Can the end of the day be any better?

Half of my sweets contain chocolate. It’s generally dark chocolate because I don’t like to use sugar. But I also want to prepare my sweets fast, which means I need my chocolate to be done in minutes. Well, I mastered my paleo chocolate version so much that I just need few minutes and it’s done.

I used to use cocoa butter and put the raw cocoa in with the dates, but that took a lot of work, time and dirty dishes… I found out that I can use coconut butter instead. I actually don’t melt it totally but just often it. Then I put in some sweetener such as Sukrin or stevia – icing sweetener – and raw cocoa. I put it in a container for baking with bottom structured in a way that resembles the real chocolate. Ten minutes in a freezer and it’s ready to eat. No guilt chocolate done in minutes.

You can then sprinkle some salt on the top, just to get the edgy feeling. Or you can add some dried fruit. I love cranberries because they have that sour taste, which adds an additional interesting vibe to chocolate. You can also add some nuts or maybe chocolate nibs for crunch… Just explore. Do what you think would go best with the chocolate. You can make as many as you want. For cooking or baking it’s best to use plain, but if you need something to nibble in the evening with your herbal tea, some additional layers of goodies are a must.

AND ANOTHER EXCITING NEWS. My book is ready and will be launched soon! How cool is that. :) My dear friends, I will send it to you as my special Christmas gift as a sign of my gratitude for reading my posts. It will be best book for all those New-years resolutions 😉

Raspberry foam

Paleo raspberry foam

Are you as crazy about raspberries as I am? Or about berries in general? I can’t wait for those raspberries to start in my garden. They grow from June till mid-October. At the end of June, there are so many we can’t eat them all at once. And did you know that berries in general don’t lose any vitamins when frozen? They can be your dessert long after their time in nature ends.

They are full of antioxidants, don’t have a lot of sugar, and taste delicious. The only thing with raspberries is if you don’t like the tiny pits they have, you’ll feel them even more when you’ll blend them. To get rid of these, you can mash them through strainer after blending. You do have a bit more work, but it pays off. I don’t mind them, so I put them in smoothies or other desserts as they are. But I know some people don’t like those pits, which can stop them from eating such a great fruit.

I make all kinds of desserts with frozen raspberries. This is one of my favourites, since it’s easy to make and is ideal for those crazy hot summer days.

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