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No, it’s not a new diet. It’s my word for eating soups all week long. :)

I love to watch The Food Network channel and despite the fact that about 95 percent of the recipes are useless to me, I get so many ideas for my new recipes. The following one, on the other hand, is totally my own recipe, developed over the years and sophisticated to perfection. It works every time if done this way.

I see soups made a lot of different ways. I’ve seen pumpkin soup being cooked in water with some herbs, roasted in the oven and finished with water, and many other ways. There are nameless ways of preparing a soup, but I stick with this simple and perfect method.

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Paleo ‘potica’


Merry Christmas you guys!

I have wonderful news for you! Remember my book? It’s out! Just in time for me to give it to you as a Christmas Eve! Be sure to download it here: EATING TO THRIVE It will only be free for three days!

Today I’ll give you my recipe for my version of paleo potica. Traditional Slovene pastry.

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