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Pumpkin, spinach, pancetta soup


Cold has hit us suddenly. Or I am just not prepared. I think summer was just yesterday here…

When I start using my fireplace in the evenings, I know it’s time to change the way I eat. No more fresh salats and cold drinks. Our body needs warm food and drinks. Spleen is working extra hard, to heat whatever we put in our body. Our body needs to heat itself and if we eat and drink things that cool down out body, then we are not helping ourselves to work easily with everything it has to do. Livers and spleen work together and when cold days come, it’s only smart to adopt our food to new weather conditions.

Fall offers such a variety of vegetables and there is no point in skipping those. When you come to a store, there is so many pumpkins, you can choose from. I love to combine them with other vegetables. I love to make soups. They are warm, they bring all kinds of nutrients and you can put in all kind of spices and herbs, that are also helping with digestion. Digestive organs are our so called second brains, so this also soots our mind, our brain and at the end, our soul. Yes, fall and winter is time, when we start spending more time indoors and therefore we have more time to think about our life and we spend more time alone. Not easy for everyone. It’s great to support this mood with the food right? To get the dopamine and relaxing hormones through right kind of food is also advantage. We just need to learn all about the incredible power of vegetables.

This soup was created partly intentional and partly by coincidence. I decided to use great, orange, organic pumpkin, that I got from my mom and I just wanted to put in some carrots, but then I found spinach in a fridge, that I needed to use, so I decided to include it. Then I also found some old pancetta and I also included it. So this soup was made for the first time and it did not need any adjustments, so I can share my recipe. Try this soup and give your spleen a well deserved rest :)

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Apple pie


My last few weeks were focused on the influence of health and food on my well-being. It just so happened, I felt a pain in my left knee, during a dog walk one Monday afternoon. I tried to rest for few days but it didn’t get better. I didn’t know what was happening to my knee – found out I had fluid in my joint and it wasn’t comfortable to do anything else, than walking really slow. For a person, that was used to training 4-5times a week, and walking few kilometers per day and hiking to the nearest hill with my dogs, that was quite a shock. Since I had time, I started to observe, if maybe food also played a role, although I knew this was an injury.

Let me explain. Every injury is accompanied with inflammation as you may have heard, and this inflammation makes things even worse and also slows down your body’s ability to naturally heal itself. So, I started experimenting the food intake and supplements.

Some types of food are known as anti-inflammatory; so I tried as much as possible to eat more of these and less of foods that are known as inflammatory – such as fried food, grains, (I don’t eat this even when I am okay) … So, vegetables and sea food became my best friends. I also increased the dose of curcumin, which is known as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory supplements. And it kind of worked. I wasn’t surprised at all. I read so much about this in the past years, and it was kind of fun to see if all this really worked. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t fun being this immobile, but it was interesting to see, how food, we put in our mouth, work. Of course, I did all the exercises, that I got from physiotherapist. I also went to see my friend who is a therapist, and he performed few ‘tecar’ therapies on my knee, which also helped. So I basically did everything to get better, but I believe that food played an important role in my rehabilitation.

Curcumin is well-known as a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. Inflammation is a core of all serious conditions in our body. Even cancer. So we need to address inflammation in order to remain healthy. I listened to a podcast few months ago. There was a week-long online series – about cancer and there were a group of well-known oncologists talking about their experiences with different supplements. These were all doctors, avoiding invasive treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation if not really necessary; and they found out that curcumin in high doses worked as well as other anti-inflammatory medicine. Even better when used for healing, they found out, the curcumin worked as prevention and prevention in reoccurring healed cancer. I think that is quite an information. Curcumin is a supplement, very easy to get anywhere. Adding it to your daily diet shouldn’t be difficult. Just have in mind, you need to add pepper and fat, so it can be absorbed by your body and work properly. If you are adding it to your morning smoothie, then add also a pinch of peeper and some kind of fat – MCT oil or coconut oil or olive oil, etc…


As said many times before, food is our fuel, and we need to choose the right fuel to support our body perform at its best.

To make the long story short, a month later I was able to walk full trail – 12 kilometers up and down – 500m altitude difference. And I almost didn’t feel any pain at all. Compared to a month earlier, when I couldn’t even walk on the grass. I could only walk on a straight floor and slowly. So, this means I am doing better and my inflammation went down in no time, so my healing process could start faster. Amazing results with food and food supplements. I need to also stress that, I didn’t take any pain treatment medications that doctors suggested (ibuprofen, etc.), which are also anti-inflammatory.

I am on my way to full recovery and of course I won’t stop taking this amazing supplement; which you can by the way, use it with any food you wish. Once you get used to the taste, you won’t even know it’s there. I also add it to all my grilled veggies and grilled fish. I love the color and the taste.

This week was all about veggies, but I also did some sweets. Apple pie is one of my favorite ways to calm down sweet cravings. Few years I used the recipe for coconut crust, but it kind of didn’t resonate with apples, so I tried to find a special kind of crust, which would leave the apples to be a star in this recipe, and I found it. Instead of coconut, I used almonds. So, this is the best crust recipe also for salty pies. Just leave the sweetener out


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