About me

Tina Trtnik
Designer, mom, sport and fashion enthusiast, and “kitchen rat” are mainly words that would describe me and my interests. And if you really combine all those things together, you see I have to be Paleo to manage it successfully… Well, that’s a joke, of course.

How it all began

I was pretty much regular child—eating pizza, pasta and cakes on a daily basis. Nothing was actually wrong with me worth mentioning except constipation now and then and anginas—which I would never connect to food in those days. Even my parents didn’t consider it…

During puberty, all my problems began with a disease connected to my thyroid. I had a lot of problems with my body and mind, and I weighed just 49 kilos at 173 cm tall. I was really skinny and not healthy looking. I actually looked thin, but I was—as I usually call it—“skinny fat.” I was training dressage-horse riding- and less weight was an advantage, so I wasn’t trying to put weight on. The worst part was migraines. They first started in my late teenage years, for a day or two every month, and I connected them with constipation and hormones. There was actually nothing more to do. I ate whole grain wheat, lots of fruit and vegetables, and hardly any meat or animal fat. But I felt bad all the time. I had come to terms with the fact that it was just who I was. I thought my mental recognition would make a difference and that was what life was all about. Everyone has their own problems, and these were mine. So if I made them mine, I would start living well. Can you imagine that I waited until age 38 to realize that wasn’t the case. So sad. I lost all these years of freedom and feeling good because nobody told me there was a solution for my problems. Well, what’s done is done. It could be worse. I could have found this diet in my late seventies…

I can now finally enjoy life, having a glass of wine without fear that the migraine will occur tomorrow… Here I am, so you can now find a solution to your problems, if you have any. Or at least try to get rid of them…

But that’s not the whole story. I haven’t told you the reason for finding Paleo. My daughter was actually my savior. She was constipated from the time I stopped breastfeeding her. She always had a bloated tummy. She also frequently told me that her tummy hurt. I fed her with whole grain wheat, fruits, and vegetables mostly… Every doctor I asked said this was a perfect diet for her. We tested her for celiac disease. The tests showed she was at the limits, but nobody told us that you can be gluten intolerant even if you don’t have celiac disease. So I started reading everything about food and its effect on the human body. The funny thing was my daughter—same as me—never liked bread as much as meat or vegetables. She always ate the salami and left the bread. Like every parent, I thought bread was really good for her, so I tried to explain how important it was for her. Obviously our body has an ability to let us know what is good for us, but we somehow don’t listen. I got a book, The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, and everything slowly came together. I understood what was happening with my body and decided to give it a try. After two weeks, I could already see the difference and I felt so much better, so I decided it would be my way of living.

But being gourmand, I eventually started to miss some of the dishes I really liked. I used to have big dinners at my house for all my friends and I missed sweets mainly. The breaking point was probably one sunny April day, when everybody was talking about the potica (a national slovene pastry) they would make for Easter. I was thinking about that first bite you take at Easter breakfast. Potica and horseradish with some ham… That’s so yummY… So I started to make my paleo potica. I tried it so many times before I got it right. It looked like potica and … in the end it tasted even better. It was gone from the table even before the regular potica was. I was so happy and decided to make all these traditional pastries the paleo way.

I have to stress that I am not an expert, nor a doctor. This is just help for all of you out there who are gluten sensitive or want to live a life without grains but still want to enjoy the diversity of flavors and stay gourmands.

Being proud of all my new recipes, I started to post photos of my yummy food on Facebook and Twitter. People wanted the recipes, and I started to love the whole process. Thinking about food, making it healthy and delicious, preparing it, styling it, and finally making long-lasting memories by photographing it… The designer in me helps me make something beautiful as well as tasteful. I am and will remain an interior designer with sensitive taste buds and will help you eat and look healthy and beautiful. Promise!

Tina Trtnik